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Brand Identity Design for Classical Singer.

Brand identity design and CD packaging design for The Story Tenor.

CD Design for Classical Singer in London
Branding for Singer

This CD digifile is the first of a series of CDs from John Beaumont as The Story Tenor. The images for the whole series have been selected for their abstract qualities, loosely based on nature and their ability to form a striking set over time.

The images complement the branding, in which parts of two clef symbols are used to not only form a heart shape, but to also add a suggestion of speech marks. Thus visually representing the emotional connection John has with both music and words.

“I have worked with Lou on 2 projects, and both have delivered the goods. Her attention to detail, clear affinity with typography, and creative sensibilities bought life to the ideas being expressed. The fact that Lou was also able to undertake web design was perfect for a small business wishing to avoid multiple agencies, and the work arrived on time and ultimately represented great value. And all of this was done remotely, which gives you some idea of Lou's abilities to understand a brief.”


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