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Book Design, Art Direction, PV Invitations & Cards for British Artist, Patsy McArthur.

Styled Shoot for UK Artist
Styled Shoot
Styled Shoot
Styled Shoot for UK Artist

We have worked with British Artist Patsy McArthur for a number of years now. Most recently on her Book showcasing a selection of her work covering a decade. This book was thoughtfully designed, with meticulous attention to both layout and the synergy and flow between images on each spread. Given the dynamic nature of McArthur's work, careful consideration was given to depicting movement. Images of falling, jumping, and diving were placed near the top, while landings and running were closer to the bottom. Studies and grouped images were carefully curated together, and more serene moments had a whole spread dedicated to each allowing reflection of the calm in them.

This hardcover case-bound book was produced by Mixam, featuring uncoated end pages and premium silk-coated pages. The cover image seamlessly wraps across the front, spine, and back of the hardback case-bound book. 

“To showcase the images in their entirety without cropping, we carefully planned how they would span across two pages in a spread. By creating an extra-large image gutter in the center, we successfully avoided any appearance of the images falling into the spine.” says Lou Eldon, Creative Director, Studio Polpetto 


Previous work for Patsy have included; PV Invitations; exhibition cards; art directing and styling a series of images promoting Patsy McArthur's gesso and charcoal original artworks. The images are used in press, advertising and exhibitions. Special thanks to photographer Simon Eldon.

“Patsy's artwork has so much energy and movement in them. We styled and art directed the shots in order to play along with the idea the horses jumping over the props in the images.” says Lou Eldon, Creative Director at Studio Polpetto. 

“Thanks for all your hard work Lou.”


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