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Spoon Customs / PokerStars: Five Branded Bikes


A set of five custom bike designs for Spoon Customs for their client PokerStars, to giveaway in a competition, entered by thousands of people across five countries.

Drawing inspiration from a Royal Flush, Poker’s highest scoring hand, the five bikes collectively formed this hand with each bike being personalised with a different card. Our designs utilised the Pokerstars brand pack's colour palette and assets and working creatively with these to create new design elements specifically for the bikes. We meticulously arranged and sized these elements, layering them with solid colour blocks and delicate lines, applying them to the bike design nets, strategically placing them to capture attention in certain areas of the bikes and using fades to add subtle depth in others. The design uses genuine 24k gold leaf, bespoke waterslide transfers and paint layers, all skillfully applied by Sam Weeks at Gun Control.


“Sam Weeks at Gun Control Custom Paint painstakingly airbrushed in every detail from Lou’s PokerStars led design.”

Andy Carr, CEO, Spoon Customs



As part of the design brief we also designed a one-off, laser-etched titanium top caps in a Poker-chip style for each numbered bike, aligning seamlessly with the PokerStars brand.


“They’re one of an almost endless number of tiny details on this bike that make the whole build so special.”

Andy Carr, CEO, Spoon Customs



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