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Branding, packaging design & brand guidelines for a new, innovative food company, The Cheeselatier.


Drawing inspiration from cheeseboards and geometric shapes, we created a high-end brand identity with a full logo and characterful icon. The logo consists of customised letter forms and a unique cheeseboard design, both elements evoke artisanal cheese wedges, wheels, and slices, embodying the spirit of indulgence and sharing.

The icon uses the inital 'C' from the brand name with a smaller cheeseboard, creating a distinctive, playful character—an eye and nose—inspired by the sensory pleasure of cheese connoisseurship. A refined color palette of olive green, burnt orange, charcoal, cream, and luxurious gold, adds to the premium appearance and reflects the product's finest ingredients.

“I consulted Studio Polpetto to design the logo and branding for my innovative food product. Lou was really easy to communicate with and understood my vision for the product, despite my initial indecision about how the packaging should look. Once I received the design pack it was inspiring to see how my ideas had been interpreted. I liked each option so it was very hard to choose. The presentation of the designs have all been clear and easy to navigate. Its been exciting and extremely motivating to see my product come to life. Thank you!”


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