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Farleys House & Gallery

I am excited to reveal the new website for Farley’s House & Gallery. The home of the surrealist artists Lee Miller and Roland Penrose. The new bespoke website reflects the look, feel and essentially the heart and soul of the family home - the colour, the artists work, the life of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose and photographs of their home and garden. The website aim is to attract more, and repeat, visitors to Farleys. The website consists of the information about visiting Farley’s House & Garden, the history of it, the artists, press, past, present and future exhibitions, guided tours of the house and special events including their annual Surrealist Picnic. The website design is desktop, tablet and mobile optimised. "It has been a wonderful project to work on, immersing in to the work and lives of this remarkable family, and the art they have created and curated. I have tried to capture the heart of Farleys within the website, to give a real sense of their home and the ever changing display of their art collection. It's a real treasure trove of such an exciting period of art, and I cannot believe it is just down the road from my studio in East Sussex. The dynamic colour banner at the top of every page, heavy use of images and colour and typography have all played a part of bringing a part of Farleys within the website design." Lou Eldon.

Farleys House & Gallery is open every Sunday, April - October and is well worth a visit.


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