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Glyndebourne shop catalogue


We are delighted to have been invited to tender for the Glyndebourne shop catalogue. The aim is to drive more people to the online shop, increase awareness of the product ranges and the shop brand of the world class opera house.

Our designs present the products in a simple yet elegant way. The key top sellers and new products are visually highlighted using a designed frame device to focus the attention of the reader.

Botanical drawings have been incorporated in to the design to add a seasonal feel and unique look to each of the catalogues which will be released throughout the year - Spring, Summer, Winter, each inspired by the gardens at Glyndebourne in East Sussex for the particular season. The call to action graphic was also designed, inspired by the architecture of the opera house and serves to encourage readers to browse the full collection online.


"The overall design of the catalogue is elegant, high quality, yet relaxed, elevating the look and feel of the Glyndebourne shop catalogue. It now has its own distinct look, whilst still staying within the parameters of the Glyndebourne brand, and is inspired by this truly remarkable place."

Lou Eldon - Creative Director, Studio Polpetto

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