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Branding & Online shop for Piece Together


We are excited to reveal our brand new project for Piece Together, creating a brand identity, hang tags and an online store for this new fashion, accessories and homeware brand.

Piece Together design and produce a range of embellished jackets, accessories and homeware. Designed in the UK and handcrafted in India by women using traditional skills passed down through the generations. Piece Together was founded out a passion for product design, traditional craft techniques and an ethical business approach, by the Founders Julia Robertson and Deborah Westwood.


“Piece Together is a celebration of all things from India but with a contemporary twist. Working together with a good heart underpins everything we do. Lou was quick to understand the Piece Together values and provide us with a response that we are thrilled with.”

Julia Robertson, Co-Founder, Piece Together


At the heart of their brand, Piece Together and their suppliers work together to ensure everyone is rewarded fairly for their contribution. And this has formed the basis to the brand look and feel.

“The branding has been designed to enhance the ethos of the business, the logo has been created by P’s uniting and working together to create a symbol, in a sustainable cycle.” Lou Eldon - Creative Director, Studio Polpetto


The brand identity is finished by using 'Fashion Fetish Light' font by type designer Levi Szekeres. The brand design rolled out across hang tags, woven labels and the online boutique store for the new Brighton based company.

The hang tags, produced by Weavable, are foil blocked in gold on white Colorplan Buckram embossed board, finished with coral edging and matching ribbon to really set the products off. The use of gold adds a richness and warmth to the white. Whilst a secondary colour palette of brighter colours, used in the photography and website, work with the gold, and give an essence of India, where the garments are inspired from and are produced. Where possible, side woven labels with the logo have been used on the outside of the products to add brand presence and allow for brand recognition in time.

“The Piece Together project offered a chance to create a unique and quite minimal brand, which worked confidently yet quietly with the variety of heavily embellished items. My challenge was to add a brand identity, hang tags and woven labels to enhance rather than detract from the products themselves.” Lou Eldon - Creative Director, Studio Polpetto


“Studio Polpetto helped us to create exactly what we were looking for in our branding and website. Lou's patience and understanding as been impeccable and she as done anything to help us get things finished and over the line to launch.”

Deborah Westwood, Co-Founder, Piece Together


View the collection at /


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